Homeless to Millionaire….fabulous!

13 Mar

Here are CGBC we love inspirational stories and believe it is important to read as many as possible to keep you motivated.

Today we give a big City Girl salute to Lucinda Yates who overcame homelessness to become a millionaire.

After a terrible divorce, Lucinda Yates found herself homeless and living in her van with her daughter. During that time she learned how to make jewelry from homeless people she had befriended. After some time on the streets, Lucinda was lucky enough to find a part time job that enabled her to provide food for herself and her daughter. On her way to work one day she found a trash can filled with scrap matteboard and started cutting them into shapes, those shapes later became pieces of jewelry that she sold to shelters to raise money for the homeless. Within her first year, Lucinda made $89,000, the following year she made $300,000. Lucinda’s company has now sold over 4 million pins and has grossed over $24 million dollars. She currently employs over 50 people and has helped over 6,000 non profit organizations worldwide.

You can read more about Lucinda at http://www.lucinda.com/

My two cents: I have always said that blessings sometimes come disguised as something else. If Lucinda had not been homeless she would never have had the opportunity to achieve what she did. If you have lemons, make them the most fabulous lemons you ever had. The choice truly is yours!


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