Home based businesses you can start right now!!!!

23 Mar

Hi Ladies,

I am always on the lookout for startup stories that will inspire CGBC members. One of my favorite websites Inc.com sometimes feature stories of entrepreneurs who fought their way through challenges to achieve success.

In 2009, Inc.com posted a list of businesses anyone can start from home, it was an interesting read.  I would like to share it with you as I think it still applies today.

1) Online Dating Site Markus Frind the founder of PlentyofFish.com is pulling in $10million a year from his dating website which he launched from his home.

2) Pet Care Paul Mann of Fetch! made $3.5 million in 2008 from his home pet care business.

3)Virtual Assistant Tawnya Sutherland of VANetworking made $150,000 from her online social networking site for virtual assistants.

4)Technical Staffing Bill Foster and Ruben Santana of XRoads Consulting made $5.8million in their first two years in business.

5)Home Improvement and Organization Allan Young of ShelfGenie was able to turn his home business into a franchise.

6)Green Construction Nic Darling, Chad Ludeman, and Courtney Ludeman launched a construction company called Postgreen right from their own homes.

7) Graphic Design Services Sam Feuer of Mindsmack created a full service web design firm right from his own home.

8)Resume Writing Kathy Sweeney of the Write Resume saw a 21% increase in revenue in 2009.

9) Corporate Educational  Services In 2008 Joseph Pickett of Expert Briefings saw an increase in revenue . He went from $25,000 to $300,000 in less than a year.

10)Bargain Hunting Website Karen Hoxmeier of MyBargainBuddy was able to make a business out of her hobby.

11)Accounting Services Melissa Nash Andrews launched a full service collection agency from her home.

To read the full story and learn more about these businesses, visit http://www.inc.com/ss/11-businesses-you-can-start-your-pajamas-2009#0


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