Spanx you very much……from a pair of pantyhose to millions!!!

30 Mar

There aren’t many women you will talk to today who have not heard of Spanx, even Hollywood starlets swear by the product. Spanx are the fabulous undergarments that give women a slimmer and shapelier appearance . So many women own the product, but do they really know the story behind it?

Spanx is the brainchild of Sara Blakely who was just a photo copier sales rep when she dreamed up her idea in 2000. Her inspiration for the product came when she noticed her panty line was showing through her white pants. She wanted a quick solution for the problem, so she took a pair of pantyhose and cut the feet off. After trying her product,  she realized she had a potential hit on her hands.With a prototype in hand and a lot of determination, Sara pounded the pavement and approached a few stores.

All her hard work paid off, and In 2005 Spanx made its debut in major department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Oprah Winfrey was a huge fan of the line and decided to feature it on her show, as a result Spanx became an international sensation. Today Spanx is a $150 million dollar company with over 55 employees.

You can read more of Sara’s story at:


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