Syrup to Success!!!!!!!

9 Apr

Michele Hoskins was a struggling single mother of three who had just lost her day job. She had planned on using part of her salary to launch her syrup business. Armed with nothing more than a dream and her packaged syrup (which she created from her grandmother’s recipe), she went to local grocery stores and asked them to stock her products. Some grocery stores obliged her and carried her syrup, but Michele wanted more.

Her ultimate goal was to have her syrup sold at every Denny’s restaurant in the country. Every Monday morning at 10.30 am sharp she would call Denny’s looking for the CEO only to be told he could not take her call, this went on for 2 whole years. When Denny’s hired a new CEO they told him about this woman who would call every day Monday at 10.30am. The CEO was shocked that she had been turned down for so many years, so he set up a meeting with her and invited her to supply her syrup to Denny’s.

Today Michele Foods sells syrups through 2,500 Wal-Mart stores, as well as Kroger, Safeway and Publix locations across the U.S. Michele is now a millionaire a motivational speaker, and a published author.

You can learn more about Michele at


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