Rice Business Plan Competition Announces New Women Entrepreneur Award!!!

9 Apr

The 2010 Rice Business Plan Competition (RBPC) is pleased to announce a new $10,000 Award for Courageous Women Entrepreneurs at this year’s competition. The prize is intended to encourage more women to launch scalable, venture capital fundable, businesses.

The prize is sponsored by four women entrepreneurs who form the nCourage Entrepreneurs Investment Group, all successful entrepreneurs in their own right. The group includes Cindy Boyd, president Sentigy;

Elizabeth Wiggins, a successful 35 year career veteran of public accounting; Lamar Mathews, president of GP of Falcon Partners, Ltd. and Shelby Scarbrough, president of Conexus Global Services. The 2010 Rice Business Plan Competition is the largest and richest business plan competition in the world, with forty-two teams competing for over $1 million in prizes at Rice University in Houston on April 15-17, 2010.

To be eligible for the $10,000 Women’s Entrepreneur cash prize, a team must have a woman as the CEO or serving in a top leadership role, or have been significantly owned or managed by women. “Without fail, the most intriguing, visionary, dynamic individuals we meet are entrepreneurs,” said Shelby Scarbrough, president, Conexus Global Services. “The energy generated from this breed of people lights the way to a bright future for the entire world. Inevitably, a solution or two or three, that could rock our world, will emerge from the Rice Business Plan Competition. How could we miss the opportunity to help ignite the passions of these talented and important problem solvers?

Besides, what an entrepreneurial energy boost! It is Red Bull for Idea Junkies.” In addition to the Women’s Entrepreneur award, the winning plan will also be eligible to compete for the overall Grand Prize package worth $385,000, including $125,000 equity investment put together by the GOOSE Society of Texas, a group of Houston-based entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Teams will compete in six categories: information technology, green tech, energy and clean technologies, life sciences, other technologies and social ventures.

For more information about the Rice Alliance, visit www.alliance.rice.edu.


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