Websites that help you name your business!

30 Apr

Okay Ladies!

You just made the decision to launch your very own venture, but you have no clue what to call it. You ask your family and close friends and they suggest names like “Wicked Good Enterprises”. You appreciate their efforts, but you know those names just won’t work.  What do you do?

You actually have quite a few options some are free, and some require a nominal fee.


There are a number of websites that assist you in finding the perfect name for your company. All you have to do is in a keyword and these websites will help you come up with suggestions. If  your name is available, you can also check to see that the domain name is available so that you can grab it right away. Use Dot-o-mator to create domain name suggestions. Just enter a word (or words) in the left box, and choose some endings (or enter your own). The intelligent domain search workstation. Find available domains, generate unique name ideas. Bulk domain search, random name generator, keyword research,etc. A cozy place to pick a short and catchy name for your product, company or domain . Great source of quirky ideas of available domain names that roll off the tongue.

PAID OPTION If you are looking for professional help in naming your business, and don’t mind paying a little money for hundreds of suggestions, you might want to check out Naming Force.

“Naming Force taps the power of the people to help businesses and individuals create names for new companies, websites, and products.If you need a name for a new company, product, or website, you can submit a naming assignment on Naming Force. Their “recruits”, who are creative members of the public (crowdsourcing), will submit name suggestions for your assignment. Your friends, colleagues, and the public can then vote on the submitted names, and you can choose a winning name”.

Prices start at $100

Side Note: I went undercover on in order to bring you an honest review, and I have to say I am a fan. It’s also a lot of fun. Check them out at


One Response to “Websites that help you name your business!”

  1. Wes Cutshall June 25, 2012 at 4:59 am #

    Naming Force now has a referral program, too!

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