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Teen entrepreneur worth $15million by age 19-how she did it!

30 May

Hi Ladies,

As you all know, the City Girl Business Club is not only here to teach you how to start a business, but also to inspire you to follow your dreams. From time to time we like to post inspirational stories of people just like you who had the guts to take that leap of faith, and found remarkable success as a result.

Today’s entrepreneur is Juliette Brindak who is truly an ispiration to both kids and adults. At the tender age of 10, Julie launched a website called Miss O & Friends.  Juliette Brindak’s idea targeted tween girls who were tired of playing with dolls, and were not quite mature enough for Britney Spears and other teen idols.“My friends and I looked at Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and other teen idols and realized they were not like real, everyday girls,” explains Juliette Brindak.

Using characters  with names like Harlie and Isabella, Julie’s website offers young girls the chance to play, create, learn, exchange ideas, compare experiences, get published and more Says Juliette, “Our goal is to help girls build a sense of self and self-esteem so girls will be less likely to fall prey to the pressures of fitting in and being popular.”

The idea  got the attention of tween girls around the world. Now the site is visited by millions of girls each month.

Julie did not stop with just the website,  at age 16, she authored a successful book that sold 120,000 copies.

Julie is now 20 yrs old, and a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis, she continues to serve as an inspiration to female kids interested in business.

Some interesting facts:

– The Miss O website is on over 7,000 classroom websites across the country.

– Miss O is hyperlinked alongside the White House, National Geographic and NASA

– Their website “Dear Abby” column (“KidsCounsel”) is syndicated worldwide via McClatchy-Tribune

– They claim to have 11 licensees, including Knight Ridder/Tribune (McClatchy), and VNU

Visit www.missoandfriends to learn more about Julie and her inspirational website.

World’s Largest Startup Competition !!!!!

24 May

Hi Ladies,

Are you looking for funding for your startup?

Join MassChallenge and compete for access to workshops, mentors, executives, other team members, free resources such as office space and sources of funding.

MassChallenge has just launced the world’s largest start-up competition.

Entry Criteria

  • Anyone can enter MassChallenge, with any idea, from anywhere in the world
  • The goal is to support high-potential seed and early stage startups
    • Less than $500K of aggregate investment to date (grants not included, except for non-profit entrants)
    • Less than $1M in revenue over last 12 months
  • You must engage in MassChallenge processes to win grants. The second round of judging and the finalist stage require physical presence in Massachusetts.

How to Enter

Before June 11th, you will need to:

  • Create a team account
  • Create individual accounts for each of your team members
  • Complete the application form (background information, executive summary, pitch)
  • Pay your entry fee: $195 Early Bird Fee until June 4th and then $295 until June 11th


  • You can submit a video elevator pitch which can be rated by all MassChallenge users and will increase your judging score
  • Collect endorsements from our sponsors or and other key nodes to get discounted price and points
  • Collect discount coupons from MassChallenge events
Please visit for more information.

Help for Social Entrepreneurs who work with or in Emerging Markets!

17 May

Hi Ladies!

Are you a Social Entrepreneur who has an amazing idea or business plan to work with developing countries?


Are you an entrepreneur in an Emerging Market?

Why not  join

“The Business in Development Network Foundation (‘BiD Network’) and its National Partners (‘appointed representatives’) operate the Business in Development Challenge (‘BiD Challenge’), the online network, BiD Investor Matchmaking (BiD Matchmaking) and BiD Investor Services (BiD Services). The BiD Network mission is to contribute to sustainable economic development by stimulating entrepreneurship and investment in SMEs in developing countries”.

In order to apply for funding you must join the BiD Network and submit a Business Plan application that is written in English or French.

Your business must also meet the following criteria:

Has as Country of Business an Emerging Economy
Has a financing requirement of between US$10,000 and US$1,000,000.
Aims to be a profitable business in the next three years.
Is a growth business (employees or sales growth is more than 30% per year)
Meets the Social and Environmental requirements of the BiD Network.

For more information please visit:

Win $100,000 worth of help for your Green Business Idea!!

9 May

The Cleantech Open runs the world’s largest clean technology business competition and are looking for the best clean technology ideas from around the world.

Just for sharing your idea, you could win a prize package of services worth $100,000 to help you start a business to grow your idea!

Once entered, your idea will be presented in a five-minute pitch in front of a crowd of 2,500 investors, entrepreneurs, sponsoring companies, corporations, members of academia, press, and others interested in hearing your ideas and getting involved.

The crowd will vote via text message for the “People’s Choice” and you could win $100,000 in marketing support, legal advising, conferencing services and more to help launch your business!

What they are looking for:

Air Water & Waste – Ways to cut pollution

Example technologies:

  • Storm-water and flood control, rainwater harvesting
  • Smart irrigation
  • Water filtration and disinfection
  • Advanced filters and filtration (air or water)
  • Carbon and GHG monitoring and control
  • Carbon capture sequestration, storage
  • Waste cleanup and remediation

Energy Efficiency – More efficient methods and devices

Example technologies:

  • Industrial process improvements
  • Natural gas monitoring and control (industrial or residential)
  • LED lighting
  • Advanced lighting controls
  • HVAC solutions
  • Utility scale natural gas controls

Renewable EnergyReplacements for fossil fuels

Example technologies:

  • Solar for energy production
  • Thin film solar manufacture
  • Concentrating solar PV
  • Biobased fuels
  • Hydropower
  • Advanced fluid flow designs
  • Wind power technologies

Green BuildingNew kinds of buildings or materials

Example technologies:

  • Insulation materials
  • Cement alternatives
  • Indoor air filtration systems
  • Disaster relief and modular housing
  • Low VOC carpeting and flooring
  • Water saving toilets, showers, plumbing
  • Recycled materials for use in building material

Smart Power, Green Grid, Energy StorageBetter ways of carrying electricity or storing it

Example technologies:

  • Real-time power monitoring
  • Network architecture for power management
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Battery form factor improvements
  • Advanced fuel cell membranes
  • Power storage
  • Transmission efficiency

Transportation Greener cars, buses, trucks or planes

Example technologies:

  • Fleet and route management systems
  • Logistics management
  • Carpooling solutions
  • All electric vehicles
  • Flex fuel engines and applications
  • Drivetrain conversion kits
  • Monitoring and control of driver behavior

All entries must be a startup that has received less than $500,000 in external private financing at the time of competition entry. Grant funding and any money from friends and family are excluded from this $500,000 limit.

Any global citizen with a cleantech idea is eligible to compete in the Global Ideas Competition.

Registration ends September 30th 2010

For more information, please visit

Side Note: There is also a National Competition that ends on May 22nd. Prize is $250,000 worth of services, however there is a fee to enter this competition. You can also find more information about this on the website.

Good Luck!

Make-mine a million M3 competition-June 14th an 15th

7 May

Ladies! If you are looking for a way to grow your business with the help of some of the best experts around, you might want to check out the “Make mine a million” program from Count me in.

“Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence is the leading national not-for-profit provider of resources, business education and community support for women entrepreneurs seeking to grow micro businesses to million dollar enterprises. Make Mine a Million $ Business is a program of Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence — and founding partner, OPEN from American Express®. Count Me In introduced the Make Mine a Million $ Business to help women entrepreneurs grow and build sustainable enterprises, create jobs and develop innovative products and services. The M3 Award provides a combination of coaching, financing and marketing tools that will help you take your business from micro to millions”.

About the competition: The next Make Mine a Million $ Business Competition will be held in Newark, New Jersey on June 14 and 15, 2010 at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Eligibility The company must be at least 50% owned by at least one woman who is a U.S. citizen or legal resident. The business should be at least two years old and have annual revenues of at least $200,000. The company’s product or services should have (in the judges’ opinion) the growth potential to achieve $1 million or more in annual revenues within two years. The owner(s) should have four or more years of relevant industry experience. The business must show a reasonable debt-to-equity ratio (in the subjective discretion of the judges) including the capacity to assume additional debt. The owner has a personal credit history which is satisfactory to the judges.

All Applicants who are selected as Finalists must attend the Event at their own expense and be willing to participate in the coaching program, related public relations events, and promotions for the Make Mine a Million $ Business program and its Sponsors and other partners. In some cases applicants may be asked to change the event/location to which they have applied. You will be notified by Count Me In if this occurs.

Award Business coaching from Count Me In’s coaching partner, The Coach Connection
Count Me In’s Capital Concierge Service – personalized assistance from Count Me In experts who will help you prepare your financials to pursue financing through SBA lenders, plus access to American Express Platinum Card for selected Awardees
Press coverage for you and your business from American Express OPEN through local and national television, newspapers, magazines, radio and blogs
Business Membership to a Sam’s Club near you, providing great discounts and services including access to health insurance and health care, merchant credit card processing solutions, and marketing and website management , for one year.
Membership in WIPP, a bipartisan public policy organization, will help you identify the issues that affect your bottom line and provide assistance obtaining federal contracts, capital, technology and energy opportunities.
Discounts on select shipping and office and print services from FedEx
Opportunities to reach new national markets with partners like their Founding Sponsor American Express OPEN, plus Dell, FedEx and Sam’s Club and more.
Membership in an exclusive network of Make Mine a Million $ Business Awardees, a group of successful entrepreneurs and no-nonsense experts dedicated to answering your questions and helping you grow on a daily basis.

Application Deadline The deadline for applications is May 15th, so you may want to apply now at

One man’s rags to riches story-inspiration for the ladies

3 May

Farrah Gray is  a philanthropist, best-selling author, syndicated columnist, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. Now in his twenties, he is one of the most sought after motivational speakers around.

Growing up in the projects on Chicago’s south side, Gray became a self-made millionaire by the age of 14. At six years of age, he started selling   home-made body lotion and hand-painted rocks (to be used as book-ends). At age 7, he was carrying business cards that said“21st Century CEO.” At 8, he became co-founder of Urban Neighborhood Enterprise Economic Club (U.N.E.E.C.) on Chicago’s Southside. He later founded another organization called the “New Early Entrepreneur Wonders (NE2W)” which was located on Wall Street. NE2W helped at educated and at risk youth by creating and developing legal ways for them to acquire additional income. Gray is the youngest person to have an office on Wall Street.

In his teens, Gray launched a new project seling KIDZTEL pre-paid phone cards, he also started a One Stop Mail Boxes & More franchise and developed The Teenscope “Youth AM/FM” interactive teen talk show. Gray also launched Farr-Out Foods, “Way-Out Food with a Twist,” aimed at youth familiar with the company’s first Strawberry-Vanilla syrup product. Farr-Out Foods “Foodfulooza” generated orders exceeding $1.5 million.

Gray is the author of “Reallionaire” which was nominated by NBC & Publishers Weekly Quill Awards in the category of “Health/Self-Improvement.” His book appeared on Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s Bestseller List two weeks before its international release. “Reallionaire” was also named as the #1 Best selling Nonfiction Paperback Book in the August 2005 Issue of Essence Magazine. Gray’s book and his journey to succeed against the odds have become required reading and part of classroom study from elementary school to entrepreneurship departments on college campuses. “Reallionaire” has been endorsed by former President Bill Clinton, Pierre Sutton, Stedman Graham, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. Gray is also a Contributing Author to Chicken Soup for the African-American Soul.

The timeline of Gray’s accomplishments listed on is as follows:

At Age 6,
* Farrah Gray sold body lotion for $1.50 from door to door

At Age 7,
* he carried a business card that read “21st Century CEO”

At Age 8,

* in Chicago, Farrah started UNEEC (Urban Neighborhood Economic Enterprise Club)

At Age 9,
* At 9, almost 10, Farrah co-hosted radio show “Backstage Live” in Las Vegas reaching 12 million listeners every Saturday night

At Age 12,
* Farrah had a lucrative nationwide speaking career commanding $5,000 – $10,000 per appearance

At Age 13,

* Farrah started Farr-Out Foods, a specialty foods company headquartered in New York, targeting young people

At Age 14,
* Farrah officially became a millionaire by hitting sales of $1.5 million for Farr-Out Foods
* Farrah started New Early Entrepreneur Wonders (NE2W) Student Venture Fund

At Age 15,
* Farrah negotiated selling of Farr-Out Foods for one million plus
* Farrah founded the Farrah Gray Foundation
* Farrah was sent a special invitation to consult and oversee an entrepreneurial institute for The Minority Business Development Agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce
* Farrah was elected by the United Way of Southern Nevada to sit on the Board of Directors for a three-year term as the youngest director ever to sit on any United Way board nationwide
* Farrah had the distinct honor of serving as the youngest Board of Advisor for the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

At Age 16,
* Farrah acquired INNERCITY Magazine from Inner City Broadcasting Corporation

At Age 17,
* Farrah financed a comedy show on the Las Vegas Strip, which gave him the distinct honor of being the second African-American after Red Foxx to own a show production on the Las Vegas strip

At Age 19,
* Farrah signed his “Reallionaire” book deal with HCI
* Farrah Gray became a Contributing Author to “Chicken Soup for the African-American Soul”. Both books were published by Health Communications Incorporated (HCI) publisher of the New York Times and USA Today Best-Seller Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

At Age 20,
* Farrah, as a real estate investor, was elected as youngest member to sit on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. Region 15 (N.A.R.E.B.®), the oldest and largest minority trade association.
* Became an International best-seller with the book “Reallionaire”.

At Age 21,
* Became Spokesman for the National Coalition for the Homeless.
* First Premiere Bank released the “GoFarr” Farrah Gray Mastercard.
* Launched University of Business Futures (UBF), an entrepreneurship school, developed in a partnership with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and graduated with 300 students.
* Became the youngest in HBCU history to receive an honorary doctorate from Allen University.

At Age 22,
* Co-founded Realty Pros a property asset management company.
* Became Spokesman for National Marrow Donor Program African-American Initiative
* Became a syndicated columnist through the National Newspapers Publishers Association (NNPA), a federation of 200 weekly newspapers, reaching over 15 million readers.
* Became an AOL Money Coach.

At Age 23,
* Released the “Get Real, Get Rich: Conquer the 7 Lies Blocking You from Success” (Dutton Hardcover) and Brilliance Audio Book on CD, Cassette, MP3 CD

At Age 24,
* Realty Pros reached over $30 million in total assets under management.
* Serving second term as Chairman of The National Coalition for the Homeless Bringing America Home Campaign
* Released “THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU RICH: The New Road Map to Radical Prosperity” (Plume Paperback)
Gray’s books have been translated into Russian, Korean, Indonesian and Vietnamese languages with book sales in Africa, Australia, and Europe and in Central and South America countries.

To find out more about Farrah Gray please visit

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