Win $100,000 worth of help for your Green Business Idea!!

9 May

The Cleantech Open runs the world’s largest clean technology business competition and are looking for the best clean technology ideas from around the world.

Just for sharing your idea, you could win a prize package of services worth $100,000 to help you start a business to grow your idea!

Once entered, your idea will be presented in a five-minute pitch in front of a crowd of 2,500 investors, entrepreneurs, sponsoring companies, corporations, members of academia, press, and others interested in hearing your ideas and getting involved.

The crowd will vote via text message for the “People’s Choice” and you could win $100,000 in marketing support, legal advising, conferencing services and more to help launch your business!

What they are looking for:

Air Water & Waste – Ways to cut pollution

Example technologies:

  • Storm-water and flood control, rainwater harvesting
  • Smart irrigation
  • Water filtration and disinfection
  • Advanced filters and filtration (air or water)
  • Carbon and GHG monitoring and control
  • Carbon capture sequestration, storage
  • Waste cleanup and remediation

Energy Efficiency – More efficient methods and devices

Example technologies:

  • Industrial process improvements
  • Natural gas monitoring and control (industrial or residential)
  • LED lighting
  • Advanced lighting controls
  • HVAC solutions
  • Utility scale natural gas controls

Renewable EnergyReplacements for fossil fuels

Example technologies:

  • Solar for energy production
  • Thin film solar manufacture
  • Concentrating solar PV
  • Biobased fuels
  • Hydropower
  • Advanced fluid flow designs
  • Wind power technologies

Green BuildingNew kinds of buildings or materials

Example technologies:

  • Insulation materials
  • Cement alternatives
  • Indoor air filtration systems
  • Disaster relief and modular housing
  • Low VOC carpeting and flooring
  • Water saving toilets, showers, plumbing
  • Recycled materials for use in building material

Smart Power, Green Grid, Energy StorageBetter ways of carrying electricity or storing it

Example technologies:

  • Real-time power monitoring
  • Network architecture for power management
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Battery form factor improvements
  • Advanced fuel cell membranes
  • Power storage
  • Transmission efficiency

Transportation Greener cars, buses, trucks or planes

Example technologies:

  • Fleet and route management systems
  • Logistics management
  • Carpooling solutions
  • All electric vehicles
  • Flex fuel engines and applications
  • Drivetrain conversion kits
  • Monitoring and control of driver behavior

All entries must be a startup that has received less than $500,000 in external private financing at the time of competition entry. Grant funding and any money from friends and family are excluded from this $500,000 limit.

Any global citizen with a cleantech idea is eligible to compete in the Global Ideas Competition.

Registration ends September 30th 2010

For more information, please visit

Side Note: There is also a National Competition that ends on May 22nd. Prize is $250,000 worth of services, however there is a fee to enter this competition. You can also find more information about this on the website.

Good Luck!


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