Help for Social Entrepreneurs who work with or in Emerging Markets!

17 May

Hi Ladies!

Are you a Social Entrepreneur who has an amazing idea or business plan to work with developing countries?


Are you an entrepreneur in an Emerging Market?

Why not  join

“The Business in Development Network Foundation (‘BiD Network’) and its National Partners (‘appointed representatives’) operate the Business in Development Challenge (‘BiD Challenge’), the online network, BiD Investor Matchmaking (BiD Matchmaking) and BiD Investor Services (BiD Services). The BiD Network mission is to contribute to sustainable economic development by stimulating entrepreneurship and investment in SMEs in developing countries”.

In order to apply for funding you must join the BiD Network and submit a Business Plan application that is written in English or French.

Your business must also meet the following criteria:

Has as Country of Business an Emerging Economy
Has a financing requirement of between US$10,000 and US$1,000,000.
Aims to be a profitable business in the next three years.
Is a growth business (employees or sales growth is more than 30% per year)
Meets the Social and Environmental requirements of the BiD Network.

For more information please visit:


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