World’s Largest Startup Competition !!!!!

24 May

Hi Ladies,

Are you looking for funding for your startup?

Join MassChallenge and compete for access to workshops, mentors, executives, other team members, free resources such as office space and sources of funding.

MassChallenge has just launced the world’s largest start-up competition.

Entry Criteria

  • Anyone can enter MassChallenge, with any idea, from anywhere in the world
  • The goal is to support high-potential seed and early stage startups
    • Less than $500K of aggregate investment to date (grants not included, except for non-profit entrants)
    • Less than $1M in revenue over last 12 months
  • You must engage in MassChallenge processes to win grants. The second round of judging and the finalist stage require physical presence in Massachusetts.

How to Enter

Before June 11th, you will need to:

  • Create a team account
  • Create individual accounts for each of your team members
  • Complete the application form (background information, executive summary, pitch)
  • Pay your entry fee: $195 Early Bird Fee until June 4th and then $295 until June 11th


  • You can submit a video elevator pitch which can be rated by all MassChallenge users and will increase your judging score
  • Collect endorsements from our sponsors or and other key nodes to get discounted price and points
  • Collect discount coupons from MassChallenge events
Please visit for more information.

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