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Need money for a creative project or venture? check out Kickstarter

17 Nov
Bright Bike on Kickstarter

Image by mandiberg via Flickr

Kickstarter is a website for funding creative projects. The website has funded a large number of projects, ranging from indie film and music to journalism and food-related projects.

Kickstarter provides a platform where people can raise money from the general public. Project owners choose a deadline and a target minimum of funds to raise. If the chosen target is not gathered by the deadline, no funds are collected. Money pledged by donors is collected using the Amazon Payments system, and initiating projects require a U.S. bank account.

Kickstarter is a site for projects from the worlds of music, film, technology, art, design, food, publishing, and other creative fields.

In order to post your project on Kickstarter.com you must abide by their  rules:

No charity projects or causes. This includes everything from raising money for the Red Cross to individual causes such as “Buy Jenny a Prom Dress.”

Fundraising for projects only. What’s a project? Making a new line for your fashion label, recording a new album, building a game. Projects are specific and finite.

For more information on Kickstarter, please visit their website at  www.kickstarter.com

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